W4SG Stories

We would like to share some stories from the W4SG community!

To do so, we have teamed up with the Golden Rules of Leadership and our partners to create a few pilots. Enjoy!

A Story About Finding a Community

In a collaborative effort with the communications company Doost, W4SG aims to explore the transition that many of our alumni go through. Over the years, we have heard a lot of feedback from our members about their motivations for joining one of our programs and how the program (and alumni group) have had an impact on their professional lives.

This video was produced by Doost with the support of Mohave.

A Story About a Leadership Program

For several years W4SG has been conducting leadership programs. However, we have not been able to share what happens very well. We would like to share with you a photo story of our Young Leaders Boot Camp (YLBC). The drawings in this story have been done with the support of Doost.

A Story About our Network

We also receive many questions about “Who is part of W4SG?” and “Why do these people work with you?” To help communicate this better we are starting a series called W4SG Faces were we will collect quotes from the wonderful people who are part of W4SG!

A Story About a Person

With all of the amazing people working with W4SG, we will want to find ways to sit them down over some coffee and talk about their lives, motivations and work. We have started our first Member Spotlight with Abdulrahman Abdi who is a Project Manager with W4SG.

A Story about an Important Topic

Finally, people within the W4SG Association work on a range of important topics and issues. To be able to share these issues, we have created this pilot called W4SG Conversations. The topic for our first story is on how W4SG aims to build meaningful relationships.


If you like any of the pilot stories please share them! Also, more are coming so keep an eye out!

The work has been completed with the support of The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) within the program “Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship” under the project “The Golden Rules of Leadership“.


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This website has been made possible with support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). Support came within the program “Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship” under the project “The Golden Rules of Leadership“.

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