YLBC Alumni Reunion in Gothenburg

How do you lead yourself? What kind of leader do you want to be?

Nine months after the camp in Vittsjö, some of our YLBC alumni met up for a reunion at Frösunda, the workplace of our Gothenburg YLBC Ambassador Dana Alamine. Frösunda generously sponsored the whole day, and Dana showed a great example of how the network can self-organize meetings to keep the connection alive. We also welcomed two of Dana’s coworkers to join in the afternoon who were curious to know more about what our network does and how they can be a part of it.

Our participants have all moved on since we last met, some having graduated from their various places of study both in Sweden and abroad, some to new positions or other changes in their lives. During the day the group reflected on the time that has passed since we last met and shared with each other both challenges and successes.

In the afternoon, we had the privilege of welcoming Stina Palmqvist, leadership coach and expert from MiL Institute. Stina expressed how it was an honor to be asked to join us for the day because she sees the value and uniqueness in a network of support for young, driven women, and was very excited to have the chance of working with us.

The afternoon with Stina centered around questions of what good leadership is, what kind of leader I am today and where I see myself later in life. What do I need to do to get to that point? The group organized in trio groups to coach each other towards finding ways to delevop their leadership. This gave the group another chance at practicing a very useful skill, trio coaching, and to connect deeper on important issues to them. We are so grateful to Stina for taking the time to work with us and for sharing her knowledge and expertise with our young leaders!

When reflecting on the day, the group felt that it had been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and find motivation and inspiration for their daily lives. Many expressed how getting together is often a source of energy and comfort, and looked forward to the next time they meet. We hope that our ambassadors and participants will continue to create opportunities to meet and share ways to develop into becoming tomorrow’s leaders!


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