W4SG Faces no. 1

As part of a pilot series of W4SG Stories, we are happy to present our first installment of W4SG Faces. We hope to share with you the motivation for why our community has chosen to work towards W4SG mission.

Ea Arnoldi, W4SG Intern and YLBC Alumni

“I have this network now, not a competitive network, but a network to actually grow, exchange and empower. I get a lot of love from it!”

Ambassador Bruno Beijer, Board Member

“You could call it a kind of passion for the cause, I glow for it. And I am passionate about contributing to create this bridge because I often worry about the lack of understanding there is between the regions.”

Maja Rottbøll, Process Ink

“When I heard about W4SG it was the first time I could combine three things that I burn for – supporting female leaders, sustainability, and bridging cultures.  I knew I had to be part of it. Helping people meet at a human level around a shared purpose.”

HH Sheikha Dr. Alia Al Qassimi, Board Member

“Our mothers and grandmothers had no actual education, but they were leaders in the household. The men could be gone for months on end and the women took care of all of the finances of the household and everything else. We saw that leadership in them and now we are taking it even further.”

Annika Joelsson, Board Member

“I work with recruitment and talent development and for me this (W4SG May 2014 Summit) is like being in a candy store. I want to start recruiting everybody immediately. There are so many talented women here today. This makes me think of the times when companies ask where all the talented women are. Since I know they exist I think there is a mismatch. There needs to be better cooperation with the public sector, the private sector, organizations and academia. I think that W4SG can play a huge role in achieving this by being a facilitator.”

Hessa Tahlak, Chairperson of W4SG

“What has been achieved is a benefit to both DWE [Dubai Women Establishment] and the Emirati women, and we should point out that we have more plans to work for knowledge sharing, as well as benefiting from the successful experiences in the field of women from different countries represented in our network.”

Hans Gösta Engzell, Board Member

“I think that meeting, getting to know each other, and understanding each other means very much both on a business level but also in terms of building friendships and trust. And you can create something out of this – and that’s why I think the idea of this network is amazing.”

Mona Fekri, Board Member

“This is a life changing experience and I believe it’s going to be a turning point in the lives of many of us [the participants]. This program has redefined the meaning of concepts such as what it means to be a professional woman, leadership and sustainability.”

W4SG Faces no. 1

This photo story is part of a pilot project titled W4SG Stories. This project is supported by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) within the program “Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship” under the project “The Golden Rules of Leadership.“ The Young Leaders Boot Camp was made possible by the generous support of our partners.

Please find further information at the Golden Rules of Leadership website.