What do our future leaders look like?

Globally, the professional advancement of women will be integral to sustainable growth. Yet, even with a growing number of programs, policies, research and initiatives, many hurdles still remain.

W4SG is a non-profit association working for the professional advancement of women and cultural understanding in the Nordic and Gulf regions. To engage with our future leaders, W4SG has developed the Young Leaders Boot Camp (YLBC).

Successful women

have a strong, trusting community to support them in their professional development. Yet, due to many reasons, professional environments rarely foster such relationships. With YLBC, we aim to start filling this gap.

“My life has changed so much…

“I never imagined walking away from this place like this.”

The program

Over five intensive, in-residence days 22 young women built a trusting community of peers.

“I have studied women’s empowerment for many years

but now I finally know what it feels like to be empowered.“

“Everyday (at YLBC) I unraveled another layer of myself.

It’s easy to deal with something  technical where you just read. But it’s not easy to deal with this person inside of you, understand it and just face it.”

“It gave me an insight

of how the professional leadership role has to be connected to an anchored integrity. Personally, I’ve always perceived the leadership role as constrained, but here I saw that it was important to make those connections.”

“How has it changed me?

Well, it feels like I’ve found people that I can lean on. It feels   like a safety net. People who will stand behind you. It feels like I found a network! I also believe that you are further strengthened in different ways. I feel a bit more courage.”

“Now I feel part of a community,

I have these women that I really trust, to share something deeper with.”

W4SG Stories

This photo story is part of a pilot project titled W4SG Stories. This project is supported by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) within the program “Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship” under the project “The Golden Rules of Leadership.“ The Young Leaders Boot Camp was made possible by the generous support of our partners.