2015 Annual Report

By Jaleh Taheri

Letter from the Executive Director

It is with great privilege and gratitude that I reflect on the accomplishments of W4SG as we conclude five years of activities. So many people have committed enormous amounts of time and resources to help W4SG move from idea to impact.

At our core, W4SG is committed to building stronger relations between the GCC and Nordic regions. To achieve this, we conduct events and programs that foster meaningful relationships between the participants. Our programs create communities of action from which many additional projects and programs are created.

What has become clear from these last five years is that W4SG excels at building bridges and ladders. While our exchange programs are bridges for engagement between the regions, our alumni continue to build communities that support female professionals in their climb up the ladder.

We have learned over the years that fostering such relations will not be achieved by passing around business cards or attending large summits where one can speak to each other for only a few minutes. It will not be achieved over a business meeting, a pitch or a quick coffee. Meaningful relationships are formed through shared experiences and long conversations about issues that matter on both a personal and professional level.

In the programs that we have conducted we have seen one word continue to be central to summarizing our impact: sisterhood. This close bond between the participants that continues long after completion sets W4SG apart.

In concluding 2015, we have also achieved our goal of expanding in the GCC and Nordic regions by beginning activities in Denmark and Saudi Arabia. As W4SG looks towards 2016, we will invite participants from across all states in both regions. We understand that if we are to be successful then we are going to have to do this together.

Jaleh Taheri, Founder and Executive Director


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